How to move your blog to WordPress

So you want to move your Blogger blog to WordPress? This guide will show you step-by-step what you need to do in order to successfully get all your content moved over.

While this process is relatively easy to do on your own, we also offer to handle everything for free for you. To learn more about that, you can check out our Guided Transfer.

The first stop of getting your blog moved over, is to choose a host for WordPress.

Important notice before you start!

If you already have a blog on your own domain name (, not, OR if you have a high-traffic blog, we highly recommend that you do a Guided Transfer instead.

The reason for this, is that you should setup a temporary installation, where you import everything over before you switch the domain over. This involves some technical procedures which we can’t cover here due to the level of difficulty. The last thing you want for your blog is that it gets down-time due to you trying to move everything over on your own.

If you just have a url, then you can do the DIY-guide without any worries and you can start by pushing the button below.