In the last year alone we have moved more than 400+ blogs to WordPress and during that time, we’ve worked with more than 20 different hosting providers. Based on our experience we highly recommend SiteGround as the overall best host when it comes to hosting wordpress (or any site!).

Quick Overview

SiteGround is a web hosting company that was founded in 2004 and has slowly but steadily become one of the best hosting providers in the industry. With award winning customer support and having now been officially recommended by WordPress themselves, they are easily the number 1 choice for hosting wordpress.

A few key points:

1. Multiple servers in US, Europe & Asia, so speed is optimized wherever you visitors may come from!
2. Free Daily Backups – Most other hosts charge you extra for backups!
3. Free Domain Name Included – If you don’t already have one, you get one for free!
4. Endorsed by WordPress
5. Free SSL Certificate – Helps make your site more secure and trustworthy! (Better SEO-Rank!)
6. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
7. We use SiteGround ourselves to host our websites!

Why we love SiteGround

4 things set SiteGround apart from every other hosting company out there.

Firstly is their performance. Unbeatable! With cheap prices (from $3,95) they completely wreck the competition when it comes to loading speeds of your website! Sure, you can get better performance from other companies like WPEngine, but their prices are also 10x as expensive. When comparing loading speed to other hosts like HostGator, BlueHost, iPage, Godaddy or other hosts in the same price-range, SiteGround is the absolute winner!

Secondly: Everything just works. There are NEVER any issues with their servers, the emails, everything just simply works all the time. God knows how many times a day we experience technical issues from other hosts, suddenly their database is down and the customers WordPress site isn’t working – this stuff just never happens with SiteGround.

Thirdly: Their customer service is BY FAR the best in the business. As a webdeveloper, I often have technical questions regarding trouble-shooting or simply seeking information about their servers and the team at SiteGround is not only the most friendly, they are also the most competent of any hosting company I have ever used. It is an absolute pleasure seeking and getting help from them. They of course offer 24/7 live-chat support and I have never waited any longer than 30 seconds for an agent to help!

Most importantly, when you’re moving from Blogger you will need to run an “import” to migrate all your content over. When doing so, it puts a high load on the hosting company’s database. Most other hosts (Like BlueHost, HostGator, iPage etc.) have a limit to this process, so in most cases it will never manage to complete the import before shutting down the server – which then means that not all of your content gets moved over. SiteGround don’t have any limits, so you can always be 100% sure that your content will get transferred over!

We have tried on multiple occasions to import from Blogger on other hosts and in 90% of the cases, we have had to use our own SiteGround host to handle the import and then move the entire site over to the other host afterwards.

What about other hosting companies?

You probably didn’t know it, but most of the biggest hosts in the world, are actually all owned by the same company (It’s called Endurance). For an example: BlueHost, HostGator, iPage, Tucows and many others are all owned by Endurance.

So why don’t we recommend any of them? Actually, we could recommend you HostGator and get paid a big commission from them, but the sad reality is, that they are not a good hosting company! First of all, the performance is absolutely terrible. We’ve moved a lot of bloggers away from these companies because the loading times were often more than 15 seconds to load a single blog post! Worst of all, is the support you get from them. I can not tell you how frustrated I have been dealing with their support. Judging by every name I have come across in their chats, they are clearly outsourcing their support to third-world countries to save money.

The worst experience I have ever had with a host

This happened when dealing with one of the companies from the Endurance brand, I say one of them because in reality they are all the same. They cut corners where it matters (Performance and Support).

A client (Well-known Fashion Blogger), while I was working as a blog-designer, had recently gone self-hosted with one of the companies above. Suddenly she got in touch with us because her site was down. As you can imagine, this is not a great thing to happen when you have thousands of visitors daily.

I get in touch with the live-chat (34 minutes queue!) to explain the issue behind (too many visitors and their cheap servers shut down the WordPress Database for 2 hours until it resets) and all they need to do is reset the database so the site is running again. Even after having told them the issue immediately when I enter the chat, they still spend another 30 minutes trying to understand the issue.

Literally after ½ hour they tell me the exact same thing I told them when I came in. This gets extremely frustrating and when we tell them we want to move host they get mad with us and I kid you not – after we close the chat, after telling them we are swapping hosts and will be asking for the clients money refunded, the chat-agent has purposely gone into the server-settings of the clients account and made changes to the site so it doesn’t work anymore. They purposely take 24 hours to get the site up and running again, just to piss the client off for asking for a refund!

So while you might get a slightly cheaper deal with iPage, BlueHost etc. (cheaper in the sense that they cost $1-2 less per month) please consider if that’s really worth it!

IMPORTANT: Please note, we are not just bashing the competition in order to push you to choose SiteGround. The honest truth is really that they are just so much better. We could have chosen to advertise a company like “iPage”, which is cheaper than SiteGround (so easier to “sell” to you guys), and also pay out very high commission for their affiliates, but as their product is not good. We could never get ourself to do that. We want to be as honest and transparent as possible!