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“More Control”

Today is the day I tell you all about my move from Blogger to WordPress. I made this move about 5 months ago and it was probably the best thing I did for my blog.

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“Loving WordPress”

I took up space in Blogger to try it out and after a few months I made the move to WP! I am loving WordPress more than Tumblr and Blogger!


“Better Than Blogger”

WordPress has so many powerful themes to choose from. It’s something I have to point out because it is incredible and like I said, powerful.

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“The Sooner The Better”

There are THOUSANDS of themes for WordPress which you can easily install to make your blog unique, as well as even building your own.

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“This Is Awesome”

Overall moving from Blogger to WordPress was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I just kind of wish I had done it sooner.

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“Simply Amazing”

I started on Blogger but eventually gathered my courage and took the leap to switch to WordPress. And, you know what? I’m thrilled I did!

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